There’s no beating around the bush with this one. We’ve all been in the middle of a productive video meeting with really good ideas being contributed, problem solving, and you can’t take notes fast enough. Then, while in full pitch mode, Sarah from Marketing freezes and the whole meeting stalls while she logs out and in again, tries moving closer to her router and then scrabbles about finding the cable to plug herself in.

Poor internet connections have been plaguing people across the globe in this time of working from home, and with more and more people video calling, streaming movies, and working online simultaneously, it’s no wonder some things are stop and start.

Still, that doesn’t help you though when it happens regularly with multiple members of your team.


What can you do about it?

First of all, have a look and see what services they’ve got available to them where they live, and check out what the coverage of those providers is like. If they’re not already with the best provider, could your business offer to contribute towards the cost of making the switch to another provider for a more effective service?

It’s not always as easy as making a simple switch, but the next thing to look at would be what router they have. Is it old and no longer fit for purpose? Would a WIFI range extender be a viable option to solve issues of poor coverage in the room they work from?

Ultimately, ensuring your team have the right tools to do their job effectively is beneficial to both them and you. Them because it’ll reduce the stress of their day-to-day, and you because their productivity won’t be negatively affected by avoidable issues.


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