Welcome to our series of video clips on Microsoft PowerPoint hacks! We’re excited to share with you some valuable tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this powerful tool.

In these video clips, we’ll cover a range of PowerPoint hacks that can help you create stunning presentations, save time, and impress your audience. Whether you’re a seasoned PowerPoint user or just getting started, we’ve got something for everyone.

We’ve compiled the team’s favourite hacks, including tips on how to create custom themes and templates, use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work, and take advantage of lesser-known features that can make a big impact on your presentations. We’ll also cover how to use PowerPoint for more than just presentations, such as creating interactive quizzes and animations.

Our Microsoft PowerPoint hacks will help you take your presentations to the next level and make your work easier and more enjoyable. So sit back, relax, and let’s get started!

Include audio in your slides.

Consider including sound in your PowerPoint presentation if you want to make an impression. Your presentation can stand out with the help of music, sound effects, and audio files. It’s far easier than you may imagine.

Adapt your cursor to direct viewers' attention.

How do you keep your audience’s attention when giving a PowerPoint presentation? To keep everyone’s focus exactly where you want it, we’ll teach you in this video how to rapidly adjust the standard pointer.

Create and embed screen recordings

When it comes to conveying information, a movie is more effective than a thousand PowerPoint presentations. We demonstrate how to produce and insert screen recordings directly into your presentations in this video.

Send licensed typefaces used in your presentation.

Your PowerPoint presentation is flawless. Then when it is opened by someone who doesn’t have the same typefaces, it looks dreadful. Your presentations can now display flawlessly on every device. How? Read on.

Symmetry, symmetry

This video is for you if you want all the components of your PowerPoint slide to line up but don’t want to spend a lot of time rearranging them and trying to make them symmetrical. We demonstrate for you how to quickly align everything precisely.

Convert a Word document into a presentation.

Have you ever needed to convert a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation? Spend less time cutting and pasting. Instead, utilise this advanced PowerPoint trick to convert your Word document into a presentation on its own.

Use 3D models to elevate your slides.

It’s time to stop using clip art in your PowerPoint presentations. Here’s how to add 3D models directly to your slides and elevate your presentations.

Quickly remove the backdrop from pictures

We’re trying to do away with PowerPoint presentations that are poorly made. Without the need of external graphics tools, we’ll demonstrate in this video how to remove the background from photos.

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