Windows 11 offers a monumental upgrade to your computer. Change can be scary but with change comes progress. Here is a collection of our favourite Windows 11 features.

Organise all of your open windows automatically.

It may be difficult to see the forest for the trees when your desktop is covered in active windows. Here, we demonstrate how to group your crucial windows together to clear up the clutter.

Quicker when copying and pasting

This feature might speed up your job and transform your life, at the very least. We demonstrate how to exploit a potent Windows feature to accelerate copying and pasting.

Copy text between your phone and PC.

You may now effortlessly copy and paste text from one device to another if you find it on one and want to utilise it on another. We demonstrate how to cease retyping material to save time (currently only available on Android phones).

Take a screenshot really quickly.

A screenshot used to be created by pressing the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard, which was then pasted into Paint to be saved. We can now demonstrate to you how to take screen captures much more quickly.

Control your disorganised desktop with a quick flick

You probably had no idea that you could operate your Windows 11 computer with a flick of the wrist, don’t you? Here’s how to use a motion to focus on only one window if you have several others open.

Move the Windows start button back to the left.

Never listen to anybody who suggests that you should adapt to the times. Watch this to learn how to reposition the Start button if you’re used to it being in the customary bottom left corner.

With a keyboard tap, launch your favourite apps.

You may now access your favourite apps with a keyboard shortcut. Watch our guide on using a shortcut to start programmes instead of using that mouse.

Keep your eyes away from a stark white screen.

We have the perfect How To instruction if your computer does not come with a free pair of eye-strain-reducing sunglasses. Watch to see how turning on “dark mode” might help your eyes.

Spare your fingers and type aloud.

You no longer need to take the “touch typing” course because you can type just as rapidly as you can speak. Watch this little video to see how Windows 11 allows you to dictate text.

Change to a desktop that is clear of clutter.

Maybe you need to keep your crowded desktop so you know where everything is, like a child’s dirty bedroom. But Windows 11 allows you to combine the greatest features of both worlds. View this video to learn how to switch between a clutter-free and clean desktop.

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