We think we’re great. Thankfully our customers think we’re great too, or this would be a very empty page filled with white space and tumble weed. Joking aside, don’t take our word for it. Have a read of what the people we work with on a daily basis have to say to get an authentic insight into how we work.

Clearsky's response and support has been exemplary. Our ISP providers, one fo the UK majors, accidentally closed down our internet connection -without notice- leaving us with no business systems whatsoever and the majority of the office already on home working.

Clearsky quickly responded by physically moving our servers to their own facility and re-establishing temporary connections that kept the business operational for nine days until our lines were restored. We are very grateful for their support.

Commercial manufacture firm, Westbury

I just wanted to thank Clearsky IT for getting all our IT but most importantly, at this time, the VPN up and running.

As you can imagine it is manic at the moment, trying to support everyone through the pandemic as best we can and IT is a huge part of that.

Manufacturing firm, Melksham

Praise where praise is due, new Clearsky team member Chris has been nothing but helpful and wonder the past few times I've interacted with him.

It's been so refreshing working with Clearsky IT, everything is handled in good time, the guys are great at helping out and it has been relaxing to not have to chase every five seconds!

Fabrication specialist, Cardiff

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13th June 2024

Windows 10 End of Life: What Your Business Needs to Know

This week we’re explaining what the imminent Windows 10’s ‘end of life’ means for your business and learn the essential steps to ensure a smooth and secure transition. Need further guidance? Clearsky’s got it.

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5th June 2024

Add a Critical Level of Security to Your Business with Multi-Factor Authentication in Microsoft 365

Implementing MFA significantly enhances security by reducing the risk of unauthorised access, even if passwords are compromised. It also helps businesses comply with regulations that mandate MFA for protecting sensitive data. Read more about MFA in this week’s summary.

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30th May 2024

PSTN switchover extended to 2027

Discover how the PSTN switchover delay to 2027 impacts your business and what you need to know to prepare. This blog covers key insights, the new timeline’s implications for SMEs, and detailed steps to ensure a smooth transition. Get your business ready for a digital future!

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