Microsoft Excel

Back in 1985, Microsoft released its revolutionary new programme, Microsoft Excel. It made the life of number crunchers more efficient from the word go and, with a bit of training, it could do the computing for the human computers of the 1980s – imagine that! Today Excel has competitors such as Apple Numbers and Google Sheets but Excel truly was the originator. Want to make the most of almost 40 years of spreadsheet developments? Look no further…

View the headings whenever you scroll

Excel is great for looking at lots of data, but when you fail to see the column or row headers, you have to scroll back and forth to check what the data means. You may not be aware that there is a fantastic time saving that can lock the headers in place. This

Easy zoom with Excel

Use the Zoom tools in Excel to make sure you are viewing the broader (or smaller) picture while you are viewing data. You can simply zoom in and out with this video.

Jump to the top row without scrolling forever

It may require extensive scrolling to return to the top of a lengthy Excel page. Learn how to complete it quickly without using the mouse or scrolling endlessly. You’ll frequently use this shortcut.

View all data in columns and rows

In order to effectively see the data in an Excel document, the column sizes occasionally need to be changed. We teach you how to quickly alter the column and row sizes rather than attempting to do so manually.

Supercharge your typing speed

Do you frequently enter Excel with duplicate words or numbers? Utilising the smart Flash Fill tool will help you complete this task more quickly. You won’t have to repeatedly type the same information. Use it as follows.

Do quick calculations without formulas

For formula calculations, Excel is fantastic. However, if attempting to remember how they function leaves you dizzy, we have the ultimate Excel trick for you. This video demonstrates how to quickly calculate sums without using formulae.

One click currency.

Having your currency sign next to the numbers can be useful if you’re using Excel to track budgets or other financial information. With only one click, you can convert numbers into money.

Reduce time spent adding new rows or columns.

Spreadsheets can become tedious and time-consuming to add additional columns and rows to. Give that trackpad a break and quickly add all the new columns and rows you require. How? Read on.

Create data ranges without having to type anything

It can take a very long time to create sequential numbers, dates, or other data in Excel. no longer. We’ll demonstrate for you the quickest possible method.

Exchange columns for rows

It can be challenging when you need to switch rows for columns or columns for rows. You face the danger of mucking up your data, which takes time. In a matter of clicks, we’ll demonstrate how to do the task.

Liven up your data

It could seem tough to make Excel sheets seem engaging. You’d be mistaken, though. Learn how to make your statistics stand out in this video.

Importing live data from Excel into Word

Don’t waste time attempting to reproduce data from an Excel sheet if you need to present it in your Word page. Using only a few clicks, we’ll demonstrate how to insert current Excel data into your Word page.

Create a drop-down menu

Avoid wasting time by repeatedly entering the same data into Excel. We’ll demonstrate how to quickly design a dropdown list that will do the job.

Visualise your data with lightning-fast graphs.

Excel is such a sophisticated programme that can interpret your data for you. You can learn in this video how to quickly create useful graphs out of a sheet of numbers.

Consolidate cell data, even text!

There’s no need to cut and paste each cell when you want to combine two cells into one. You can accomplish it quickly and accurately with this straightforward method.

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