Are communication hiccups and collaboration complexities hampering your business operations? Microsoft Teams can be the streamlined solution you’ve been seeking.

Microsoft Teams is not just a powerful collaboration tool, but also a robust phone system offering versatile solutions for your business communication needs. With an array of features designed to enhance remote working, improve efficiency, and cut costs, Microsoft Teams is the Swiss Army knife of modern-day business operations.

At Clearsky IT, we offer comprehensive services to optimise your use of Microsoft Teams. We help Wiltshire-based SMEs unlock the full potential of their Microsoft 365 licence, providing customised solutions that take your business communication and collaboration to the next level.

But that’s just the beginning. We invite you to delve deeper into our specific Microsoft Teams services, and discover how Clearsky IT can revolutionise the way you work. Get started today, with our favourite Microsoft Teams tips and tricks that we’ve made into bite sized video tutorials:

Change or blur your background.

Despite the fact that your room is unsuitable for business, you received a video call. Did you know that you may fully change or hide your backdrop in Teams? Here’s a quick and simple method to shine your backdrop without cleaning.

Show up altogether, in a single space.

Despite how great remote work is, you can miss the sense of camaraderie during a Teams call. Here’s how you feign being in the same place as everyone else.

Crack EVERY possible shortcut.

Shortcuts are great if you are aware of them. Use this useful tip to view all Teams shortcuts in one place. As a result, you’ll use Teams in a different way.

Only allow interruptions from your boss.

Everyone requires uninterrupted work time. What if your boss tries to get in touch with you, though? This video demonstrates how to block everyone but your boss using Priority Access.

Quickly muffle your mic

How frequently are Teams calls cut off by strange noises? To rapidly silence your microphone so that your coworkers don’t have to hear every cough, sneeze, or dog bark, follow this really straightforward shortcut.

Switch off your camera in a flash

Have your children or dogs ever yelled in the background while you were on a vital Teams call? We’ve used a well-known viral video to demonstrate how you can quickly turn off your camera.

Send SMS without interfering with your workflow

Although Teams’ chat feature is excellent, it might interfere with your focus and momentum. We demonstrate an alternative approach to use messages in this video without requiring you to go away from your current screen.

To silence the pings, switch to the Do Not Disturb mode.

If frequent interruptions make it difficult for you to complete your activity, you need the Teams equivalent of a closed door. Here’s how to turn on Do Not Disturb and turn off pings.

Alter the correct microphone on the call.

On a Teams call, you are speaking, but nobody can hear you. We have all had the same thought. We’ll show you a quick fix for your microphone in this video so you won’t have to cut the conversation short.

Directly send an email into your Teams channel

Even though we enjoy Microsoft Teams, there are instances when emailing your opinions is more effective. In this video, we’ll show you how to send an email directly to your Teams channel.

Don't submit a single sentence every time.

Entering new, brief messages regularly in a Teams conversation makes it challenging to communicate your entire thought. We’ll show you how to communicate effectively in this video without sending several messages.

Share the appropriate screen while on a call.

If you share your screen during a Teams call, be careful not to reveal anything embarrassing or private. You’ll discover how to filter out all but the information you want.

Make sure your camera and microphone are ready

You can prevent the embarrassing tech issues that frequently happen at the beginning of Teams meetings by setting up your camera and microphone before to the call. You’ll thank us later, so watch this.

Find out without having to ask if someone is available

Need to contact someone but are unsure of their availability? In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to check someone’s availability without having to keep checking.

Make a customised voicemail message.

Add a personal touch to Teams. Now that Teams calls are received, you can record a customised voicemail message for your coworkers. This video will demonstrate how.

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