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21st February 2023

The Phenomenon of ‘Tech Shame’ in a Gen Z Workforce

Are you aware of the latest malware threat impersonating a trusted e-signature platform? Learn how to protect your business with Clearsky IT’s expert advice and security solutions.

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14th February 2023

Don’t fall for this cunning new phishing scam

Are you aware of the latest malware threat impersonating a trusted e-signature platform? Learn how to protect your business with Clearsky IT’s expert advice and security solutions.

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8th February 2023

The Importance of Regular IT Health Checks for Small Businesses

Don’t neglect the importance of regular IT health checks for your small business. Clearsky IT provides expert advice on the risks of cyber attacks and the benefits of preparing for tax year-end with IT security audits.

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31st January 2023

Passkeys vs Passwords: The Future of Online Security for SMEs

As a leading IT support company, Clearsky IT shares the future of online security for SMEs with passkeys. Learn how passkeys work and how they can benefit your business with increased security, productivity, and cost savings. Prepare for passkey implementation with our expert tips.

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24th January 2023

The Hidden Costs of Pirated Software: How Using Cracked Programs Can Harm Your Business

What are the risks and legal implications of using pirated software for your business? Understand how using cracked programs can harm your business by causing malware and other cyber threats, slow productivity and damage to your business’s reputation. Get advice and resources on how to protect your business from these hidden costs.

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18th January 2023

Do you unknowingly use a dangerous browser extension?

Learn how toxic browser extensions containing adware and malware can harm your small business; and how to avoid them. Get tips and advice on how to protect your business from these harmful software programs and check out the best practices from Clearsky IT.

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11th January 2023

IT Support for small businesses: When to hire an IT company

Starting a business is a big step, and there are a lot of plates to keep spinning. When you start taking on more employees, little IT jobs start to multiply too, taking up more of your time! So with that in the mind, how do you know when to get help from an IT company?

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Need some clear and easy to understand advice? View our FAQs

What should IT services cost my business?

This question is so complex, any answer we put in here would barely scratch the surface. Simply put, each business' needs are totally unique. If you ever feel as though you're paying too much, we can explain why you do or don't need a certain product or service, and what the risks are if you wanted to opt out. We'll never ever oversell, it's just not in our nature!

What sort of training can Clearsky IT offer my team?

If you're already thinking about staying on top of personal development, you're our kind of person! As you'll see from our Knowledge Centre, we know that getting buy-in from your team can be tough, as not everyone is as passionate about cyber security as we are. That's why we make easy to watch videos, articles and guides that aren't too heavy or time consuming. We also offer a customisable academy platform to Clearsky IT clients. Book a call with us to learn more about our Support Portal.

What happens when the person fixing my problem goes on holiday or gets ill?

As a client, you and your team are given access to our Support Portal, which is available 24/7, and shows complete transparency between your business, our business and all communications relevant to your IT support needs. You can check on the progress of your query at any time, and be notified if the fix has been handed on to a colleague, or escalated to a more experienced member of the team.

Why should I trust Clearsky IT with my business security?

Clearsky IT services over 30 clients who trust our combined 50+ years of professional experience. We are always pushing ourselves to develop our service offerings to include the very latest methods for protecting your business. We're just as determined to beat the cyber criminals as you are!

Will I be bounced around a call centre?

Call centres certainly have a time and place, but when you need an urgent immediate fix, the last thing you want is to be put through to seven different call handlers before talking to an engineer. Book a call appointment for a personal call with our MD, Lee Chappell, or clients can access the Support Portal 24/7.

How do I know if I’m getting ‘good’ service from my IT supplier?

We believe that what makes a great supplier partnership is full transparency and an open attitude to discussion. We've made some changes to improve the communications between Clearsky IT and our clients, using our new Support Portal to enable clients to track every email we send, even between our own team. Anyone can book a call with us at any time to discuss their business needs, so if you're not ready to become a Clearsky IT client just yet, we will happily audit your current IT supplier for free so that you know you're getting the best value for money.

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Peter Wordley, Cloud Heroes

“Thank you to the Clearsky team for all your help and support this year. It’s been a challenging one, but we now have a much more robust IT infrastructure and it has paid dividends during the past few months. Thanks to everyone there – great support from all. ”

Wiltshire Mind

“Very very impressive stuff. Your team provides a very high degree of customer comfort and confidence in the quality of your work. AND they sorted Sage accounts! Our experience of the interface with ClearskyIT is VERY positive, and I am sure it will remain so. We look forward to enjoying a long and productive relationship with ClearskyIT.”

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