Apple celebrated their biggest year last year, selling roughly 322 million gadgets and devices due to the amount of new phones and computed launched. But that was then; we’re in a whole new year now and we’re going to take a look at what 2018 will bring us in the way of Apple products. 

Although Apple never comments on upcoming products, we know that right now Apple engineers in Cupertino, California are working on the iPhones and iPads that will launch this year. Luckily, we have a strong network of journalists, analysts and (of course) the good ol’ rumour-mill to help us put the pieces together, however please bear in mind release dates and details may change.

Three new iPhones:

Last year we saw a huge re-design to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone in the iPhone X, losing the home button in favour of a facial recognition scanner and a near edge-to-edge screen. Well, 2018 will see Apple bring this design to other models, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities. Discovered from a leaked note back in November 2017, Kuo predicted that Apple will be launching three new iPhone models this year.

One of the new iPhones could feature the edge-to-edge LCD screen and facial recognition we’ve seen from the iPhone X but at a much lower price ($649 – $749) and Kuo also believes a Plus version of the X may become available this year.

No news yet on release dates, but if it’s anything like previous years we’re likely to hear announcements around September time.

New iPad Pros:


We’re also rumoured to be getting some snazzy new iPads that also make use of the iPhone X’s facial recognition capabilities. According to Bloomberg, the new iPads will receive similar treatment to the X, as the home button will be removed and the bezels around the screen reduce in size. We may see these as early as summer, however this is yet to be confirmed.

An updated low-cost iPad:

We’ve got the iPad Pro as the expensive model of Apple’s tablet so coming in at the

opposite end of the scale we have this, at a reasonable $329. This device was only launched last year but predictions claim Apple could launch a new model that may be ever cheaper, price estimates are going for around $259. We may see this launch in the first half of 2018, but this is a very rough guess.

New Apple Watch hardware:

Since its release in 2015, Apple has mainly focused on changes to the Watch’s internal hardware and software, rarely the actual design. Well, this may change. John Grubber, renowned Apple blogger wrote last year that he had heard of an “all-new” redesign in the works at Apple HQ.


And it’s not just a new design we can look forward to; Apple is also working to add more health features to the Watch which includes an EKG heart monitor and maybe even a glucose sensor for diabetic monitoring and therapy. We’re likely to see these updates in September with the new iPhones.

A wireless charger for your iPhone – Airpower:

When Apple released the iPhone X we saw mention of AirPower, a portable charging mat that would allow your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch to charge wirelessly. No release date or price yet, simply ‘2018’.


We were meant to see the launch of the HomePod, a Siri-enabled wireless speaker, in December but Apple were forced to delay the launch. We can now expect to see the $349 speaker in “early 2018”.


Better AirPods:

Another rumour backed by Ming-Chi Kuo reveals Apple is working on a newer, better version of Apple’s notorious AirPods to be released in the second half of the year. It’s not yet been released what the improvements may be, but Apple has already had trouble making enough of the AirPods to meet demands.

New or refreshed Mac laptops:

We saw a pretty major redesign back in 2016 when the MacBook Pro got a touchscreen-integrated keyboard; so a major redesign may not coming our way just yet, but there are some signs pointing in that direction. Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer said he’s heard MacBook criticism from fans, and Apple have just launched the brand new iMac Pro, a new desktop design beginning at $5000.

And if we don’t have any new Mac models? Apple will likely just update the chips in all existing computers. Mac updates usually happen in June to coincide with Apple’s annual developer’s conference.

New software for iPhones and iPads:

As Apple users, we get a brand new iOS each and every year. This year will be iOS 12. No rumours on what to expect just yet, but we love some new features so hopefully we’ve got some exciting stuff to look forward to.

A super-high end Mac Pro:

Back in April last year, Apple claimed they’d be introducing a “modular” and expandable desktop computer called the Mac Pro. Other than this, however, information on the potential new product is scarce. Keep your ears peeled around June though, as we’re likely to hear about it at Apple’s annual developer’s conference.

Regardless of rumours, it’s bound to be another fantastic year for Apple, and we can bet Tim Cook has got some tricks under his sleeve…