Unleashing the full potential of your MS 365 investment with Sharepoint

When using a platform that offers so many different elements, it can be hard to determine what exactly will be most useful to you as a business. Sometimes there are things that won’t be useful now, but will absolutely come into their own as your organisation grows. Sharepoint is often one of these things that business owners aren’t aware of, and we’d like to fix that!

When you read stuff online about Sharepoint, lots of words are thrown around like ‘revolutionise’ and ‘business collaboration’ and ‘powerful business tool’, but what actually is it?

What is Sharepoint in simple terms?

In essence, Microsoft Sharepoint serves as a centralised online hub where businesses can share and store documents and different kinds of information such as events, tasks, links and announcements – everything you can think of required to run a business – and team members can access any information deemed relevant to them via any approved device with a browser.

What’s so great about it?

Well, like many other apps within the Microsoft 365 offering, it can be tailored to suit your business needs. That means it’s great for smaller businesses and larger enterprises alike – it can grow and develop with you as you need it to!

Sharepoint and flexible working

With flexible working here to stay, a well-configured Sharepoint hub means that staff can store and access files easily on the cloud. This means there’s no real need for local saving (reducing time and work lost due to hardware failures) and makes it much easier to manage documentation when there are multiple people accessing documents using a diverse range of devices from different locations.

Being cloud-based, the sky really is the limit! Users are not limited by the devices they use, or their location – as long as there’s an internet connection enabling them to access a browser.

A rise in efficiency

Making it easier to find and access documents and for team members to collaborate reduces the time it takes to complete projects. Whether internal projects or client work, improved efficiency across the board is never a bad thing!

Integration options to make it your own

This is where there’s almost too much to talk about, and why it’s best to have a chat with your Microsoft 365 provider – they might come up with uses for Sharepoint that you’ve not even considered. Just one of the many integrations available include social platforms such as Facebook, which can be integrated in order for content to be written and scheduled from Sharepoint itself.

Is Sharepoint secure?

You know we’re not going to talk about storing data online without mentioning security, and when it comes to Sharepoint, it’s incredibly secure. There are a myriad of built-in features that allow you to give access to certain content to certain people (The HR team probably don’t need to see accounting documents, etc). This reduces the scope of important information being affected, in the case of an employee falling victim to a phishing attack, for example.

The site administrator has the authority to organise permissions, and thinking about this as you build out your Sharepoint, will help to keep documents and data safe at every level.

If you would like to find out more about how Sharepoint can be implemented to help facilitate business growth, please book a call with Lee for a chat.

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