IT Support Partnership in Swindon, Setup and Support

Hello and welcome to Clearsky IT, where friendly expertise meets professional IT support right in the heart of South West England. Situated in Melksham, we are ideally positioned to offer our unique brand of approachable, knowledgeable, and uninterrupted IT services to businesses in Swindon and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Clearsky IT?

Local Experts, Global Standards: We blend local accessibility with globally benchmarked IT support, ensuring you get the best of both worlds – expert services with a personal touch.

Innovative Ticketing System: Experience transparency like never before with our unique ticketing system. Track your IT queries and see real-time updates on how they’re being resolved, and by whom.

A Team You Can Rely On: Unlike ‘one-man bands’, our well-coordinated team ensures there’s no disruption in service. Your IT needs are continuously managed, even when our staff are on well-deserved breaks.

Personalised Service: We understand the value of a personal touch. Unlike large, national firms, we take the time to understand your business’s specific needs, ensuring a partnership that’s both effective and personal.

Comprehensive IT Support: From troubleshooting day-to-day IT issues to strategising your business’s technology roadmap, we cover all aspects of IT support exactly as your unique business needs.

Our Services Include:

Proactive IT Maintenance and Monitoring
Data Security and Backup Solutions
Custom IT Strategies Aligned with Your Business Goals
Compliance and Security Assessments such as Cyber Essentials
Microsoft 365 Planning, Setup and Implementation

Ready to experience IT support that’s tailored to your business needs? Book a call with us below for a consultation. Partner with Clearsky IT and join a growing community of satisfied businesses in Swindon and beyond.

Don't take our word for it... this is what our clients have to say

“Clearsky’s response and support has been exemplary. Our ISP providers, one fo the UK majors, accidentally closed down our internet connection -without notice- leaving us with no business systems whatsoever and the majority of the office already on home working.”

Commercial manufacture firm, Westbury

“I just wanted to thank Clearsky IT for getting all our IT but most importantly, at this time, the VPN up and running.”

Manufacturing firm, Melksham

“Praise where praise is due, new Clearsky team member Chris has been nothing but helpful and wonder the past few times I’ve interacted with him.”

Fabrication specialist, Cardif

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