Why Might BT Halo NOT Suit Your SME?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the significance of reliable and tailored IT support for your business cannot be overlooked. This blog post will shed light on the differences between BT Halo, a popular service package, and Clearsky IT, your local IT support provider, offering a personalised cyber essentials package, infrastructure guidance and more. While BT Halo is commonly recognised, it might not be the best fit for all SMEs. Let’s delve into why your business might benefit more from a local and personalised service such as Clearsky IT.

Understanding BT Halo

BT Halo is a highly recognised IT service that provides an array of features designed to support businesses in the digital era. It combines broadband, mobile services, IT support, and cloud solutions with the aim of delivering a comprehensive technology service. This broad spectrum of services might be appealing to many SMEs seeking an outsourced, all-in-one solution. However, it’s crucial to note that BT Halo, like any other broad service package, has its limitations.

What is BT Halo and do I need it?

BT Halo is a combination of broadband, mobile services, IT support, and cloud solutions. Whether you need it depends on the unique needs of your business. At first consideration, your business may suit an all-in-one solution, making BT Halo an appealing prospect. However, for more specific or customised needs, such as a rural location, an on-premise software such as accounting or client database in recruitment, you might find a dedicated IT team such as Clearsky IT will keep your overheads down, service your business more personally and mae recommendations specific to your organisation could be more suitable.

What does BT Halo give you?

BT Halo is a paid service. The cost of the service depends on the specific package you that you choose – which will obviously take some understanding of the packages on offer, and will involve time and attention that you may not be able to spare. BT’s website states that BT Halo for Business offers broadband, mobile services for team connectivity on the go, and cloud storage solutions. If you know exactly what your business needs to thrive and survive, adopting a BT Halo package should be straightforward. On the other hand, a trusted IT industry professional can build a full service that draws on the best suppliers for each product (and better still, they’ll manage the tricky supplier relationships for you).

How much extra is BT Halo?

The cost of BT Halo depends on the specific package and contract terms. It’s advisable to check the BT website or contact their customer service for the most accurate information. To stay flexible, and to avoid any unexpected fees when it’s time to scale up or scale down your business, it’s best to have a technical expert advising you on how to future-proof your business, rather than an expert in sales.

And can I cancel my BT Halo contract, or reduce my BT Halo contract?

You can cancel your BT Halo contract, but you might be subject to termination fees depending on your contract’s terms and conditions BT does allow you to change your package, but certain terms and conditions might apply, and this may also incur a fee. It’s advisable to contact BT customer service to discuss your options. The same would apply in the instance that you need to cancel the whole service. So if your business wishes to stay agile in time of economic turbulence, consider an IT solution that allows a ‘cooling off period’, to ensure the service is the right fit for your organisation.

While BT Halo might seem to offer a comprehensive range of services, it’s vital to understand that it might not always provide the best fit for every SME. Clearsky IT, your local IT support provider, might be better equipped to understand and cater to your unique business needs.

At Clearsky IT, we don’t just provide great IT support; we become a seamless extension of your team. We believe in stopping IT issues before they occur. We understand the Wiltshire business scene, and our local presence allows us to provide quick on-site support whenever necessary. We’re big enough to deliver a full suite of services, yet small enough to give you the personal touch that makes a world of difference.

So, when considering IT support, think beyond the range of services an IT provider offers and consider how they deliver those services. Reflect on their understanding of your needs and their ability to tailor their services to match these needs. Localised support like Clearsky IT can provide a distinct advantage over nationwide providers.

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