Streamline Your IT Management with the Clearsky IT Portal

The Clearsky Portal offers clients a centralised platform for managing IT services efficiently, tracking ticket progress, placing orders, custom training and more. Having access to our own portal not only ensures that you make use of all the best features our team has selected but we have also thrown in a bunch of other really helpful tools too.

Key Features:

  • User Onboarding: Simplify the process of adding new device users.
  • One Place for Reporting: Gain insights into your IT infrastructure and make efficiencies where tools are under or overused.
  • See where your logged ticket is, who is handling it and if they’ve seen this problem before.
  • Access resources such as customisable training courses and manage new device or software orders seamlessly.

Clearsky Portal includes features like user onboarding, ticketing, and reporting, all designed to streamline your IT management and take a weight off your mind.

Lee, Senior IT Specialist

I have poured my years of expertise into building an IT Support Portal that I am proud of, to ensure your IT management is streamlined and effective.

Streamline your IT management with Clearsky Portal. Contact us for a demo.

We know that reaching out to a new IT company can be daunting, so we’ve opened up our diary for you to pick a time to call that suits you.

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