Teams Up: New Features Boost Business Communication

As a small-to-medium business in Melksham, effective communication tools are essential to coordinate your team and increase productivity. If your company relies on Microsoft Teams for collaboration, the latest major update brings welcome enhancements that can streamline daily operations. Let’s explore how to make the most of these new features.

Turbocharged Performance

Built on updated technology that integrates with your web browser, the new Teams boasts significant speed improvements for loading the app, joining meetings, and switching between channels. This not only saves time for users, it also reduces the amount of memory and disk space needed – cutting resources required by up to 50%. The performance gains apply across Windows and Mac devices for seamless efficiency.

For teams that experience sluggishness or delays with the current Teams platform, this speed boost can dramatically smooth out collaboration. Quick, reliable access to conversations and meetings means less frustration and fewer disruptions to getting work done. As your IT partner, we highly recommend embracing the latest release to benefit from these major technical enhancements under the hood.

Streamlined Interface

Along with faster performance, Microsoft refined the Teams interface for greater simplicity. The new version debuts helpful small touches like the ability to “mark all as read” to clear notification badges in activity feeds with one click. The layout focuses on clean lines and clutter reduction to enable users to navigate the platform more intuitively.

Teams also now integrates better with essential third party apps like project management tools. This means less toggling between different windows to manage tasks. With a decluttered design and easier integrations, you spend less time hunting for the right button and more time achieving objectives. It’s a simple refresh that pays dividends in daily use for teams.

Smarter Meeting Features

The new Teams also introduces clever features to make meetings more effective (and less tedious). Intelligent recap messaging after sessions summarises key discussion points, action items, and decisions to keep everyone aligned. The AI meeting prep even reminds you to silence notifications before joining to reduce disturbances.

For hybrid teams with some employees in-office and others remote, Teams better bridges communication gaps. Enhanced phone support securely connects telephony systems into meetings to improve accessibility. Evolving to give dispersed team members equal footing is essential as hybrid work prevails – these intelligent meeting upgrades move Microsoft Teams in the right direction.

Adopting new technology can feel daunting, but upgrading Teams enables breakthrough efficiency gains with minimal disruption. As your managed IT provider, Clearsky IT offers complimentary Teams deployment assistance and employee onboarding support. Reach out today to discuss tailoring and implementing Microsoft Teams for your unique business needs. Together, we can have your company collaborating smarter in no time.

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