Sending Large Files? Microsoft's Latest Update Has Got You Covered!

Unpacking Microsoft’s Latest Email Feature

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that rely heavily on Microsoft’s ecosystem, the tech giant’s recent announcement is a breath of fresh air. The integration of Outlook with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage platform means that sending large files via email is no longer a headache-inducing task. This integration represents a significant step towards a more efficient and user-friendly email experience.

How to Utilise Microsoft’s New Features to Your Advantage

The process is simple. If you attempt to send an email with a file attachment that exceeds the size limit, Outlook will prompt you to upload the file to OneDrive instead. Once the file is on OneDrive, you can easily share it with your intended recipient. Not only does this bypass the max file restriction, but it also takes advantage of the security features of OneDrive, ensuring that your data is protected.

Android users will be the first to benefit from this new feature, but the rollout to other devices is scheduled for this month. So, it won’t be long until all SMEs can take full advantage of this update.

No More Third-Party Hassles

In the past, the limitations on file size in emails forced many of us to turn to third-party services to send large files. While these services are useful, they can sometimes be a security risk. Microsoft’s integration of Outlook and OneDrive eliminates the need to rely on third-party services, providing a secure and convenient solution right within the Microsoft ecosystem.

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