Preparing for 2024 and the PSTN switchoff

We’re in the final quarter of the year, so Clearsky IT is steering the focus of SMEs towards two pivotal events: the onset of 2024 and the countdown to the anticipated PSTN switchoff. In light of these changes, we’re encouraging businesses to focus their future strategy, ensuring seamless transitions and sustained growth.

Missed the memo?

The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) switchoff marks a significant shift in the telecommunications landscape. Scheduled for the end of 2025, the PSTN switchoff refers to the discontinuation of a system traditionally used for landline telephone communication. Essentially, this system uses copper wires to transmit analogue voice data, a technology that has become increasingly outdated in our digital age.

The primary alternative is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), a technology enabling voice communication and multimedia sessions such as video calls over the internet. 

Forward Planning Pays Off

Preparing ahead of time is crucial for SMEs to avoid potential bottlenecks in 2024, as the switchoff deadline approaches. Many businesses may delay the transition, leading to a surge in demand for services, equipment, and support close to the switchoff. This bottleneck can result in longer wait times, higher costs, and potential disruptions to business operations for those who have not planned in advance.

By understanding the requirements and potential challenges of the switchoff, SMEs can adapt their future strategies and invest in the necessary technology upgrades, keeping downtime or lost business hours to a minimum.

Future-Proofing Operations

The transition away from the traditional PSTN system necessitates a review of existing communication channels and an exploration of alternative solutions. VoIP and other digital platforms offer cost-effective and scalable options, aligning with the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

The benefits of transitioning to VoIP or digital alternatives are multifold, offering greater flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness compared to the old PSTN system. VoIP, for instance, allows businesses to make calls from anywhere with an internet connection, facilitating remote work. It also provides features like call forwarding, voicemail to email transcription, and multi-device ring options, which are not available through traditional PSTN systems.

Transitioning to a new communication system is not quick and requires thoughtful planning and execution. This process can involve a learning curve, particularly for those unfamiliar with digital communication technologies.

Partnering with Clearsky IT for PSTN Preparation

From assessing current communication systems to implementing new digital solutions, our team of experts is here to facilitate a smooth and successful shift, fostering resilience and competitiveness in the evolving digital landscape. As 2024 peeks over the horizon, it’s essential for SMEs to remain agile, adaptable, and open to embracing new technologies. Clearsky IT is ready to support your business from start to finish, so you can get on with your day-to-day tasks.

The PSTN switchoff is a significant transition for small business owners, necessitating a move to digital communication solutions such as VoIP. Early preparation is vital to ensure a smooth transition, avoid potential bottlenecks, and leverage the benefits of modern communication technologies.

For more information on preparing your IT infrastructre for 2024 and the PSTN switchoff, or to discuss your specific needs, please contact the Clearsky IT team.

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