Microsoft Teams: How to make the most of it for your business

With the rise in remote working companies, and companies with employees choosing to work from home, it’s important for your team to stay connected even when they aren’t in the office together.

Microsoft Teams has been around for a few years and it’s been a reliable and for some an instrumental tool for keeping their company running throughout COVID-19. It’s also been great for all generations, with it’s simplistic easy to use functions that even the biggest self-confessed tech-phobe can use with ease.

Not only does Microsoft Teams cater for the practical commication aspect of your business, it can also do so much more with a variety of creative and organisational apps that can integrate within teams.

The creative

Apps like Mural can be downloaded giving a communal space for ideas to flow, grow and develop. A whiteboard like screen presents a visual way of working even if you’re opposite of the world. You can use this in real time and also come back and add to it individually.

The practical

Other apps can help collaborate your teams functional skills, especially when unable to swing by their colleagues desks. Trello for teams is a great example of this. Being able to set tasks for individual team members and groups helps to keep everyone on the same page and knowing where in a project they are.

There are so many integrations you will discover that will make teams an even better experience for you and your team.

Not only does Microsoft offer a wide range of apps to use within Teams, it offers a bunch of cool features within the app too.

Online Meetings

The online meeting are one of the main features, but did you know there are many ways you can personalise your meeting view?

If you are in a meeting with 30 people and you’re fed up of only seeing the same few, you can change it so that you are able to see everyone in attendance. With the theatre function, Teams will remove the background of each attendees window and place you all into a theatre style seating arrangement. This way you don’t have to have those annoying floating boxes.

File sharing

You can share any Microsoft Word, Excel, One note or Powerpoint file and work on it simultaneously so that all notes, comments and changes are in the same place for all in real time.

Raise Hand

Being able to interrupt whilst someone is talking can be tricky, especially when you aren’t talking face to face. Using the raise hand function can really help with communication and stopping your video conferences descending into chaos!

There are so many other great ways teams can support your business so why not speak to your IT provider and get them to assist with the download!

If you are in need of an IT provider or would just like to chat to get to know what we could do for your business, book a call with Lee today!

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