How to share in Microsoft Teams

In this week’s Microsoft Teams Episode, Lee talks about some of the ways you can use sharing in Teams to improve your work communication.

There are a variety of ways of sharing in Teams.

Firstly there’s screen sharing. Whether you’re sharing multiple windows or just want to share one, it’s as simple as a click of a button. Click the rectangular box with the arrow (share), choose the option you want to share and click.

If you choose ‘screen’, you will also be able to choose whether to also share audio or not.  If you choose ‘window’, notifications won’t show up when they come through whilst you are sharing.

Then you have Powerpoint share. This is where you are able to select the Powerpoint and present it online just like you would from a projector and laptop in person. To do this, press the share button and from the options, find and select your powerpoint. If it’s not visible as one of the most recents, click browse where you will be able to search for it.

Lastly you can use the Whiteboard share tool to real time create mind maps and ideas just like if you were in a meeting room. To use this feature, go to the share button, then select Microsoft Whiteboard. Here you can choose to either present (where only you can edit) or use collaborative mode (where all participants can edit). This is a particularly good way to ‘get together’ and hash out those money making ideas!

For more tips and tricks, or for general advice on how your Microsoft Teams can work for you, get in touch with our team of experts.

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