How to change text accidentally written in the wrong case

If you’ve ever been halfway through a document and realised what you’ve been typing should all be lower case (or perhaps uppercase, we don’t judge!) You don’t have to delete it all and start again. Follow these simple hacks and save your precious time.

The long way

In Microsoft Word there are two ways you can change your text. The first way (the long way) is to highlight the text you want to change, locate the change case button (Aa), and select the option you require.

The short way

The quicker way (yes, can you believe there’s a quicker way!?) is to use the keyboard shortcut. Highlight your text that needs changing, press ‘Shift’ + ‘F3’, and keep pressing this combination until you get to the case you desire.

It’s as simple as that. No more wasted minutes retyping content with the caps lock off!

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