Elevate customer experience with seamless connectivity via public wifi solutions

Imagine this: you’re at a cosy café, craving a quick internet search, and voila! They offer free WiFi. You log in using your email, and off you go. But why do some places opt for email logins instead of a simple password?
The security of public wifi solutions

Let’s talk about the nitty-gritty. We’ve discussed the risks of public WiFi from a user’s standpoint and how VPNs can safeguard your privacy. But what about businesses providing public WiFi? Turns out, there are certain data obligations under the Anti-terrorism, Crime, and Security Act of 2001. Then there’s the Digital Economy Act 2010, indicating that the owner of the internet connection could be held accountable for any unlawful activities on their network.

Now picture this scenario: Someone accesses questionable content on their phone, hops into a café with open WiFi, and logs in. Later, the café’s Internet Service Provider can trace the accessed content. However, without individual logins, the café owner might get caught in the crossfire.

By implementing public WiFi with email logins, tracking becomes easier. It helps to shield business owners like yourself from undue suspicion and potential legal woes.

Public WiFi: Beyond Security

Now, let’s pivot to the brighter side and look at some of the opportunities that come from offering free, reputable wifi to your customers. Offering WiFi in exchange for email logins opens doors to data capture opportunities. With the right service provider, customisation options are almost endless. Here are just a few ways you can use public wifi tools to ramp up your marketing game:

1. Capitalise on the moment to boost your email marketing game. Since users are already providing their email, invite them to join your mailing list. Craft a compelling reason in just one line to entice them to become ‘one of the gang’.

2. Guide their journey, and inform them what you’d like them to do next. After they’ve logged in, use the thank you landing page to direct them to exciting destinations. Whether it’s your social media links, ongoing contests they can enter, or even review platforms, the possibilities are endless.

What you need to set up public wifi

Before you engage with an IT support provider, it’s time to consider if you’re already equipped with the essentials: an Access Point, Router, and Managed Switch. The switch facilitates multiple logins, distinguishing between staff and guests. On the software front, invest in a data collection portal.

Many of the most popular data collection services offer the chance to customise in line with your brand’s aesthetics, for a cohesive look and feel across everything you offer – from the in-person sitdown experience to your website.

While setup might seem daunting, once it’s done it’s done and your IT support provider own the responsibility to maintain it, leaving you to work on your own role in your business. Plus, it’s a golden opportunity to engage with customers and expand your audience. Feeling overwhelmed? Reach out to us, and we’ll gladly guide you through the process of empowering your business with public WiFi solutions, turning every connection into an opportunity for growth.

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