It's the hacker's guide to avoiding compromise.

Even with all of the warnings out there, business owners continue to underestimate the real threats that the modern cyber criminals pose.

As a result, every single month we hear tales of hacking, ransom threats, spoofing, phishing and other novel attacks from desperate businesses for whom it is too late. They’ve faced the worst day of their operations and whilst we can build up their defences once they’ve come to us for help, we aren’t time travellers and there is some damage that cannot be undone.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so we’ve chosen to make our point with a series of videos.

Thanks to the help of one of our security partners, a certified ethical hacker, they have illustrates exactly how a dangerous person with the right tools can ruin an honest hardworking business in a few minutes.

Such as the use of automated tools, criminals are able to continually target victims without downtime, stealing valuable client data, portal logins and have even been known to hold businesses to ransom.

As demonstrated in these videos, our security partner uses three of the most commonly reported methods of hacking in the world today. The hacker filmed from his side, and the side of his fictional victim, so that you can see what happens and how powerless the victim is once they’ve been selected.

Using the first method of attack, the hacker encrypts the victim’s data. Until his demands are met and a sizable ransom is paid, he is in a position to demand whatever sum he wishes, if business is to resume.

In this second attack, the hacker creates a very convincing login portal to trick employees into giving away login details. The portal is actually built on the hackers own website and so can see the victim’s password as clear as day. The real kicker? If there are payments made without coercion, there is absolutely no turning back and a potentially devastating amount of cash is gone for good.

And in this third and final attack, our security partner reveals the reason we keep on at users to keep software and operating systems are fully up to date. If you neglect these practices, you may as well invite hackers in for a brew!

Scary, isn’t it? The lesson to be learnt is that PREVENTION is always better can a cure. Now I have three questions for you:

  1. Do you understand how easy it is to infiltrate your IT systems?
  1. Are you confident that your business has the right defences in place?
  1. If you were offered an impartial review, would you take it? The peace of mind you’ll feel will be worth it in itself.

Book a call with Lee, our Managing Director, at a time that suits you. There’s no obligation to buy anything, ever. Just book a call appointment into Lee’s diary.

  1. Do you understand how easy it is for a determined criminal to infiltrate your IT systems?
  1. Are you confident that your business has the right blend of software, staff training and processes to realistically protect your IT and data?
  1. If you’d like to get an impartial review, would you? The peace of mind you’ll feel from an impartial professional will be worth it in itself.

Book a call with Lee, our Managing Director, at a time that suits you. There’s no obligation to buy anything, ever. Just book a call appointment into Lee’s live calendar:

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