Why Your Business Needs Expert Email Support

In today’s digital age, email is the backbone of business communication. However, with this reliance comes significant risks and challenges:

Security Threats: Protecting your emails from phishing, malware, and other cyber threats is crucial.
Delivery Issues: Ensuring your important business emails reach their destination and don’t fall into spam traps.
Access Problems: Quickly resolving lockouts or access issues to keep your business running smoothly.
Compliance: Implementing best practices for email usage and ensuring your setup complies with industry standards.

Our Comprehensive Email Support Solutions

1. Constant Email Monitoring: With Clearsky IT, enjoy peace of mind knowing your email system is monitored 24/7 for any security threats, ensuring the best layers of protection are always in place.

2. SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Monitoring: Our tools continuously check your domain’s records, verifying that your emails are authenticated and delivered successfully, protecting your reputation and your bottom line.

3. Expert Resolution of Access Issues: Locked out of your company email? Our team provides rapid, expert assistance to resolve access issues, minimizing downtime and frustration.

4. Email Usage Policy Implementation: We help draft and implement clear email usage policies, ensuring your team uses email effectively and securely.

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Secure Your Business Emails with SPF Authentication

Email scams and spam can damage your reputation. Having an authenticated Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record stops others from sending fake emails pretending to be from you.

SPF works by checking all outgoing emails against a list of approved servers. This proves to recipients the message truly came from your business.

Why SPF Matters:

✅ Prevents email spoofing that impersonates your brand.
✅ Ensures your real emails reliably reach inboxes.
✅ Stops spammers abusing your domain.

Your hosting provider can help configure DNS and SPF records but often they are big businesses with little to no time to guide you through step by step, ensuring you understand why. There are also online guides on implementing SPF. If you’re looking for a friendly, approachable and reputable IT expert to handle the technical work and provide ongoing SPF management, give Clearsky IT a call.

Don’t risk losing customers and tarnishing your reputation to email scams such as spoofing. Check if your SPF records are active below.

Need advice on DMARC?

Like SPF, DMARC prevents unauthorised use of your emails, like scams or phishing. It works with SPF and DKIM to authenticate your business emails.

So why should you be using DMARC in your business:

✅ Enhances email security by requiring SPF and DKIM checks.
✅ Improves deliverability as receivers trust DMARC-protected emails.
✅ Gives visibility into email channels to address issues.
✅ Protects reputation by stopping fake emails reaching customers.

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DMARC is essential to secure your emails and brand from phishing scams. Test your domain’s DMARC record using our widget:

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