February news: email security 101

Why Small Businesses Are Vulnerable to Email Attacks

Small businesses often think they aren’t targeted by cybercriminals, but the reality is that over 40% of cyber attacks are directed at these organizations. Email is often the entry point for these attacks.

What to Look Out For in Email Security Threats

– Phishing scams
– Malicious links or attachments
– Spoofed emails
– Unsecured Wi-Fi networks

How to Protect Your Business from Email Attacks

Clearsky IT has created a comprehensive guide, ‘Getting to Grips with Email Security’, to help small business owners understand the risks and take the necessary steps to protect their businesses.

Key Components of Email Security

– Use a reliable email provider
– Enable two-factor authentication
– Train your employees on email security best practices
– Regularly update software and passwords

Access a digital version of our free guide on the link below. Save, share or print!

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