The Best Antivirus Protection For Your Business

We shortlisted and selected a paid, reputable solution from market leader Datto, to ensure that our clients’ business is shielded from cyber viruses, spam and malware.

  • Antivirus, Antispam, Antimalware: An all-in-one protection tool suite.
  • SharePoint Monitoring: Watching out for your collaborative platforms and most sensitive data.
  • Unobtrusive: Runs silently in the background without disrupting your work.

Datto AV offers robust protection against various and growing cyber threats. Integrated into our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system, it ensures your systems operate securely and our team gets updated with insights to deploy learnings from the reports.

Frequently asked Antivirus, Antispam and Antimalware questions

What is the difference between antivirus/antimalware/antispam and proactive Microsoft 365 monitoring

Our 'anti-stack' is protecting the machine and blocking toxic emails from coming in. This layer of protection is a non-negotiable if you want to become Cyber Essentials certified.
Proactive MS365 monitoring prevents the access to a Microsoft account where hackers will manipulate your email rules from the inside. The latter is a newer layer of protection but both are essential to any business taking their cyber security seriously.

What support is included with the Clearsky antivirus stack?

We offer support contracts to all of our clients, and those contracts include all-you-can-eat remote support and onsite where necessary. The antivirus runs constantly, as soon as your machine is on and until it is powered down.

How much does Clearsky's antivirus stack cost?

Antivirus, antispam, antimalware or our 'anti-stack' is included in our support contract. We do have an antivirus stack available separately but we strongly recommend that if you're in the market for antivirus, you need to adopt more comprehensive security package. Ask us for more detail on this.

How does antivirus protect against hacking?

When a device has an antivirus product installed, it stops the virus at the source, whether that be in the form of an email, or on a browser, preventing it from making changes on the machine.

Do I get informed of any captured threats or suspicious activities?

Clearsky IT monitors any suspicious activity to keep it off your plate! We react to threats of a substantial size so that you can discuss it with your team and be best prepared for it.

Does my business need an antivirus stack? Won't my free tool do the job?

Free version of 'anti' tools won't scan malware or a virus until it's already on your machine. Bad news if downloading the virus is all that's needed for it to take it over. Paid version will scan questionable files before it downloads to your device (we call it 'stopped at source').

Christopher IT technician

Christopher, Antivirus Specialist

The team’s in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity keeps systems’ defences up to date and running smoothly.

Your organisation deserves an antivirus package that’s worth your time and spend.

Businesses of any size should seriously consider antivirus as an essential layer of security. We know that reaching out to a new IT company can be daunting, so we’ve opened up our diary for you to pick a time to call that suits you.

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