Your company is safer with Android 13

We all do much more with our phones than just send and receive texts and the occasional call.

And as a result, the majority of your team undoubtedly occasionally uses their personal mobile for business. Everybody complies.

This has the drawback of putting your company’s data at danger. There is a risk if it can be accessed on a personal mobile device and that device is compromised.

The impending Android 13 is significant news for businesses because of this.

More details regarding the new features of Google’s most recent mobile operating system have been made available.

There are several features designed to protect and safeguard corporate data while also promoting a healthy work-life balance for your employees.

On our Android smartphones, we can already make distinct professional and personal accounts. The most recent update makes it even simpler to manage these profiles.

Your team, for instance, may decide which profile to open apps in.

Imagine they were required to view a training film for their job. To prevent it from affecting their individual watching history, they can configure their phone to open it on a browser rather than the YouTube app (and therefore suggested videos).

More control over how company devices are utilised will be advantageous to IT administrators. Additionally, they will be able to keep an eye on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and password security records. and swifter application of security updates.

But it’s not only about how much authority administrators have over company-owned equipment. Having this will assist your workers.

Along with end-to-end encryption when utilising the new ChromeOS integration feature, there will be separate picture galleries for corporate and personal photographs, an upgraded Stolen Mode to lock and find lost devices, and other features.

You should already have access to Android 13 if you own a Google device. In the upcoming weeks, users of other Android smartphones may anticipate receiving the update. Get in contact if you want to discuss how to handle mobile devices most effectively for your company.

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