You don’t get a second chance at a first impression

It’s widely reported that it takes just seven seconds for people to work out whether or not they like each other when they first meet.

While the morality of this might be questionable, it’s undoubtable that first impressions count. Interviews have been successful, contracts have been won, and first-dates have either been a roaring success or a terrible failure and it’s all down to those pesky first impressions.

In today’s world which is reliant heavily on digital, getting people to like you within the first seven seconds and then holding their attention is no mean feat! The way you represent your company online really has the power to start a strong customer relationship, or put it off the cards forever. No pressure.

From blog posts and social media updates to contact forms, pop-up sign up forms and landing pages, customers have a whole lot of information in order to judge a business, and decide if they want to buy from them.

Once they have chosen who to buy from, they need nurturing so that they can see that their decision was the right one. Having the right IT setup behind you, will allow you to keep up with demand for services, help customers with their requests quickly, and to really show them that you care about their custom.


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