Video Call Troubleshooting: How to Overcome AV Tech Challenges

Video conferencing has transformed team meetings and significantly reduced travel time, but owing to AV technology issues, many firms are still not utilising the technology to its full potential. According to recent study, employees between the ages of 18 and 24 take up to 10 minutes to set up for each remote meeting, resulting in lost productivity that can equal an entire workweek for each employee annually.

According to the report, the major cause of these productivity losses is subpar AV technology. According to over one-third of those polled, they lacked the necessary tools for the task, and 23% felt excluded from remote meetings because of poor technology.

Meetings might take longer than they should and be more difficult to set up due to problems like bad microphones, jerky cameras, and the improper video calling software. Notwithstanding these difficulties, companies that allow remote and hybrid working are seeing improvements in employee performance and engagement.

These AV technology issues, however, are solvable. Companies may evaluate the Audiovisual equipment used by their staff to make sure it isn’t hindering their productivity. New cameras and microphones can be installed as a quick and affordable solution. To solve AV tech hurdles, it’s also critical to question staff members where they perceive issues happening and improve training.

At Clearsky IT, we encourage open communication and supplying SMEs with the knowledge and skills they require to effectively use technology. Our experts can assist you in evaluating your AV equipment to make sure that it isn’t the reason why your video calls lag. Also, we could provide training to ensure that your staff members are utilising your present technology to its fullest potential and, if required, advise alternative options.

Troubleshooting AV Tech Challenges During Video Calls

  • Check the Audiovisual equipment used by staff to make sure it isn’t slowing them down.
  • If new cameras and microphones are required, provide them.
  • Ask staff members where they observe issues.
  • Improve training to overcome AV technology obstacles

In conclusion, by fixing AV tech issues, organisations may significantly reduce time spent on video conversations and increase productivity. We at Clearsky IT are dedicated to provide free educational and training materials so that SMEs will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities they need to confidently use IT. To learn more about our free tools and IT support services that can help you navigate AV issues during video conferences, get in touch with us now.

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