Putting up with underwhelming IT support? What to do about it in 2023.

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often stick with subpar IT support due to apprehension about changing suppliers, potential cost increases, and the inconvenience of transition. However, the associated risks of tolerating inadequate IT support can have profound implications, often causing greater harm to the business in the long run. Be vigilant for these common indicators of substandard IT support:

Delayed Resolution: A good IT support provider responds swiftly and resolves issues effectively.
Limited Knowledge: If your IT support is incapable of addressing diverse tech problems, that’s a red flag.
Missing Preventive Maintenance: Regular proactive maintenance helps forestall serious IT crises.

Lone Operator vs. IT Support Firm

While a lone IT support provider may offer a more personalised service, an IT support firm can provide an expansive range of expertise, around-the-clock assistance, and continuous service without interruptions due to leaves or illnesses. Think of having an entire orchestra at your disposal, instead of relying on a single instrument.

The decision between ad hoc support from an independent contractor or a monthly contract with an IT support firm can feel like choosing between pay-as-you-go or an all-inclusive insurance plan.

Ad hoc support, usually provided by independent contractors or sole traders, may seem cost-effective initially, as you only pay when an issue arises. You might also enjoy a more intimate relationship due to their smaller client base. However, this model has several downsides. You could experience substantial downtime waiting for issues to be resolved, the contractor’s availability may not be consistent, an unavoidable risk because we all need to take time off to rest and recharge.

On the other hand, a monthly rolling contract with an IT support firm assures steady, proactive service. It’s like an all-inclusive insurance policy – a regular payment that covers everything. These firms offer constant support with a wide range of expertise. They actively maintain your systems, helping to prevent problems rather than merely reacting to them, thus ensuring your business operations continue smoothly. As an added bonus, there are smaller IT support agencies that still offer the level of personal service that really makes you feel cared for and supported.

In conclusion, while independent contractors might offer a personalised service and apparently lower costs, a monthly contract with a professional IT support firm provides peace of mind, extensive expertise, and effective management of your IT systems, proving to be a wise investment in the long term.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

At Clearsky IT, we blend the personalised attention of a lone operator with the extensive expertise of an IT support firm. Why should you choose us?

Wide-ranging Expertise: Our team is comprised of various IT specialists, ready to handle any issue.
Continuous Support: We ensure consistent IT support, keeping your business operations seamless.
Proactive Maintenance: We believe in preventing problems before they occur, and proactively maintain your systems to avoid issues.
Flexible Packages: Select from our diverse packages that best meet your business requirements and budget.

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