Is it time to upgrade to Windows 11

Ah, the long awaited Windows update! Did you know there hasn’t been a major update to the Windows system since 2015? The new Windows 11 is here and with some fantastic new features that just might tempt you to upgrade!


Firstly, you’ll need to make sure your PC is compatible with the update, which usefully, Windows will do before it tries to install it! Here’s a useful link to the Microsoft website which details what your machines need in order to install and run Windows 11.

So what exactly should we expect from Windows 11?


Most of the differences are noticeable from your desktop home screen. When you update, all your data will remain, the placement and icons will just look a little different. For starters, the start bar is in the middle. This (although aestheticlly pleasing) is a big change from the previously side mounted start bars. When you open the start menu, you’ll see a much cleaner appearance to the layout, only showing the apps that you use the most. Never fear though, you can access all your apps from the ‘All apps’ section on the menu.

Multiple desktops per user

Sticking with the desktop, you can now programme and personalise multiple desktops per user. This will be great for those days that you need to be productive, so you can programme which apps can be seen on which desktop, and can scroll through them all. This is also great for those little people in your life, it gives you more control of what they are using and have access to.

Split screen and snap

The newly improved split screen option makes for easier multitasking. You can now use the ‘snap layout’ function by hovering the mouse over the maximise button in the top right of the window, and choosing from the 4 layout options. The snap function will then assist you in choosing the other windows you would like for each part of the screen. You will still be able to split screen by dragging the window to the top, left, right or corners depending on the layout you want.

One store for Microsoft and Android

Another great new feature of Windows 11 is the Android store being part of the Microsoft store. This means you can now download your favourite apps like Tiktok, and use them on your PC or laptop as if you were on your phone or tablet.


The widget section has also changed. It’s no longer to the right, next to the time and date. It’s now part of the Task Bar menu and opens to easily fill half the screen. Here you can get widgets for the weather, calenders and even stocks and shares. Microsoft plan on adding more widgets to this feature to continue to improve the usability and handiness. There is also talk of being able to download some third party widgets, so watch this space…


If none of these reasons have convinced you, I have one more. It’s free! And who doesn’t love free stuff? The update is available now and can be downloaded from the official Microsoft website. As mentioned above, it’ll run the compatibility check for you and once it’s confirmed the love match between software and hardware, you’ll be able to proceed!

When do you need to upgrade to Windows 11?

If you haven’t yet made up your mind whether to change over, the good news is, you have until October 2025 to make the switch. If after this time you still don’t want to switch you can still use your current windows setup, but the active support from Microsoft will be withdrawn which will affect things like the security updates.


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