How to use voicemail to keep customers happy

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Is there anything more frustrating, than being on hold for a long time? Or your call repeatedly ringing out when there’s nowhere there to answer? No? If you don’t like it as a customer, why would you want to inflict it on your own clients? If you want to make sure you’re not missing out on sales, or annoying current customers, there is an answer. Voicemail.

Install a flexible telephone system

Having the right phone system to be able to implement ways of directing customer calls is really important.

Answer on the go

Most VoIP systems can now route calls to ring a mobile at the same time as an office phone, if you’re away from your desk and still able to take calls.

Voicemail to email

To ensure you can work through any voicemails you receive methodically, reducing the risk of missing any, VoIP systems allow you to set up voicemail to email. This means that whenever you receive a voicemail, you can get the recording emailed to you which you can then listen to on any device.

Changing messages

If for some reason you’re experiencing a higher volume of calls than usual, or perhaps things are taking a little longer with team members on furlough, the flexibility of VoIP means you’re able to quickly add a message when someone calls in to your business explaining that there may be a short wait.

Call groups

It’s also incredibly easy to set up call groups. This means that if the phone isn’t answered within a certain number of rings, you can set it to ring the desk of another member of staff, and so on and so forth.

Although it’s an unfortunate fact that you might miss calls from time to time, if you build some of the above suggestions into your telephone system, you’ll be minimizing that number and maybe getting sales you wouldn’t have done otherwise!


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