How to use Microsoft Teams video calling

Microsoft Teams has some great features that are already embedded into our working lives. Features such as video calling, group chatting and being able to share files with specific people, are all reasons people have stuck with Teams as part of their business.

Here are some features that you might not know exist.

Together Mode

If you are in a full staff meeting and you have more than the number of people you’d comfortably be able to fit onto one screen, try using this function.

In your call, click the 3 dots in the corner and select together mode. This will remove all the backgrounds from the participants in the call and place them in a virtual theatre. Now everyone is easy to see.

Break out rooms

The cool function can be used to set up small groups for the main meeting which is great for mind mapping sessions. You can automatically create the groups (Teams puts the participants into groups) or you can manually do it yourself. Find out more here.

Raise Hand function

This is a really simple but useful way of making sure your meetings don’t descend into chaos! A button participants of the meeting press when they have something to say, keeps meetings flowing whilst letting the organiser know they have something to say.

For more tips and tricks take a look at our other useful videos here.

Get a second screen, trust us, you won’t regret it.

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