How to: Microsoft Word


Possibly the first Microsoft programme we are ever introduced to, Word has been developed to be the most effective text tool out there. It’s often under-utilised, so as IT experts we are doing ‘our bit’ for SMEs – sharing our insider knowledge.

Concentrate with Focus mode

Do you think that Word has way too many tabs, buttons and options? It’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed by them all, especially if you’re a self-confessed technophobe. You can tidy up all of those extra bits and bobs with just one click – here’s a quick video explaining how:

One quick click to speedy navigation

Spend lots of time searching for the correct tool in Word? We are about to make your life a whole lot easier. Here’s how you can quickly create your own, personalised Quick Access Toolbar, so you can reach the buttons you use most often at a glance:

Rid yourself of the annoying welcome screen

The Word welcome screen serves a purpose… the first time it appears. After that, you’ll probably want to skip it each time you open Word. Here’s the how-to:

Repeat text with AutoText

If you’re a frequent Word user, you might be repeating chunks of information over and over. Save time with the Auto Text function. Allow us to show you how:

Insert chunks of text with short codes

Wish that you could use predictive text on your PC? Save yourself a moment and make sure you don’t get the wrong suggesttions by using short codes. For samey messages, they’re a lifesaver. Here’s how you can set them up for yourself:

ake multiple emails look personal to every recipient, without having to leave your docume