How to insert repeated text with short codes

Are you repeating yourself in Microsoft word and thinking “there must be more to life than typing the same thing over and over”. The good news is, there is in fact more to life. Here’s an easy way to insert your commonly used phrases with just a few clicks

  1. First go to the file then options.
  2. Then find the proofing tab in the left side bar and look for the ‘auto-correct options’ option.
  3. In the window that appears, find ‘replace text as you type’ and make sure the checkbox is ticked.
  4. In the ‘Replace:’ box type the short code you want to use and in the box next to it what you want autocorrect to change the short code to.
  5. Press ‘Add’ , then ‘Ok’ twice.

Now you can start using the short code you have created to shorten your writing time!

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