How to develop a security-focused company culture

Develop secure company culture

Keeping your business safe from cybercrime takes so much more than knowledge alone – although that’s important.

When it comes to protecting your business-critical data, it’s just as important to create a culture where employees at all levels feel comfortable and supported to make the best security decisions possible. We’ve put together these three top tips for creating an environment with everyone taking responsibility for the security of your business.

Create a supportive environment

Cultivating an environment where people feel safe to admit when they’ve made a mistake (like clicking on a dodgy-looking link) rather than trying to hide or ignore it, will help create a constructive space where any issues are discovered early saving time, money and maybe even business-critical data in the long-run.

On the other hand, a culture of blame and pointing the finger is likely to cause resentment in some employees, who are more likely to be less concerned with matters of security.

Make security everyone’s business

It’s really easy to create security policy, hand it out to staff, get them to sign, and feel confident that you’re now protected. But how much of that document have they actually read and taken in? By involving your team, engaging them in the security process and encouraging them to make suggestions as to how security could be improved over the course of their workday, you’ll have their buy-in and a company-wide awareness of security issues.

When cyber security is ingrained into your company culture, it will increase the level of engagement employees have when it comes to carrying out security best practices.

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