Do your workers have any holiday shopping to do?

A majority of users of social media confess to being duped into making purchases. How can you ensure that your company is safeguarded if team members are making a few last-minute Christmas purchases from the office?

According to recent study, an incredible 47% of consumers have clicked on links in the hope of finding a unbelievable offer but instead have sent personal details to cybercriminals.

This might signal that they are endangering not just their own data and financial resources but also your device and even your network.

Online scams don’t just target buyers. They also target other users.  When you get an email that looks to be from a person or business you trust but is actually from someone else, it is known as phishing. Phishing URLs managed to trick 36% of people into disclosing personal information.

The same number of individuals have been duped by gift card scams, in which con artists gain the trust of their victims and persuade them to buy gift cards or online coupons.

If an employee uses a work device to access a malicious link or download a destructive file, the results for the company might be catastrophic. Beyond data loss and reputational harm, there are further risks.

Many people are forced out of business permanently due to the costs associated with remaining idle until their business is restarted.

How can your business protect itself from this kind of scam both now and throughout the year?

In addition to having the right cyber security solutions in place, such as firewalls, antivirus software, and robust password management, you should continue to concentrate on teaching your workforce. Because your best line of defence is a team that can recognise threats when they arise.

Ensure that they are knowledgeable on the most current scams and are aware of the warning signs. To be cautious of offers that appear too good to be true, I urge everyone to double-check links and websites for legitimacy.

A solid plan should also be in place that takes effect the instant a security vulnerability is discovered. Each employee should be aware of who to contact and how soon they should report such issues. Taking prompt action frequently reduces the severity of a data breach and speeds up and lowers the cost of its remediation.

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