With the best will in the world, even if you do every single thing right when it comes to the world of cyber security, you don’t have control over your companies who hold login information being hacked themselves, and your info getting leaked. This information is often illegally sold, and cybercriminals will try their luck using your email address and leaked password to gain access to other, high value logins such as social media apps, or even your email.

If your email address has the same password as an account that has had their systems compromised, what’s stopping a hacker logging in and gaining access to your sensitive information, as well as the unfettered ability to gain access to other services by changing the passwords to them?

One way of protecting yourself, is making sure you have multi-factor authentication enabled on your email account, but there’s an even simpler way of making sure they don’t get that far.


Make your email password unique

Having a different password for everything is a really great way of reducing your likelihood of being hacked, and we’ve written about how you can do this easily without having to remember them all by making use of a password manager to generate and store them all here.

But, having said that, we’re all realists here at Clearsky IT and are under no illusions that people read all of our posts and then go away and put them into practice. With that in mind, if you do one thing to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of cybercrime, make sure that your password is stronger than a rock, stronger than the Rock even.


How to make sure your email password is up to the task

  • Make sure it contains no personal info that could be guessed, or found out from your social media
  • Add a mix of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols
  • Make sure it’s hard to guess and not a common password that uses all of the above, such as ‘P4ssw0rD!’ or a variant of it (we still see this all the time).

If you’re struggling for an idea, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recommends using three random words to create a strong, unique password which is not only harder to guess, it’s harder for hackers to crack using software, too.

It takes a lot of time to crack a strong password, and most of the time hackers are looking for quick wins, so you’ll be making yourself as unattractive to them as possible.


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