With summer holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to begin booking your summer away. Not only is it important to get your vacation planned early, but it’s also crucial to think of all the little things. Apps can allow you to solve any and every travel issue you didn’t even know you might come across; whether it’s helping you save a bit of cash, find a loo in a mountain or discover the best glacier hike, these apps will make travelling just that bit easier.

So, in alphabetical order and tagged to let you know exactly what they’re useful for, here’s 31 of the most useful travel apps we could find:

AccuWeather – Planning

Packing for your trip can be hard enough, let alone when you’re unsure of what weather to expect. AccuWeather solves that issue by providing extremely accurate forecasts down to the minute.

Android and iOS – Free to Download

Airbnb – Accommodation and Flights

One of the more well-known apps on this list, Airbnb has over 600,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities, connecting travellers and homeowners across the world. Whether you’re looking for a cosy townhouse, a suave penthouse, or somewhere between the two, Airbnb allows in-app messaging to keep you in contact with your host.

Android, iOS and Windows Phone – Free to Download

Citymaps – Maps and Travelling

An interactive map allowing you to see the best-rated places in the area, Citymaps gives you a newsfeed that connects you with friends to see what they recommend. You can even create your own collection of places and read reviews from each, or try sharing your favourites through PDFs.

iOS and Android – Free to Download

CityMaps2Go – Maps and Travelling & Activities and Restaurants

This particular app allows you to see your location and find other addresses even when you don’t have internet connection. You can find and share top-rated restaurants and activities, and (the apps most useful feature) even get to your destination using GPS while offline.

iOS and Android – Free to Download

Detour – Maps and Travelling & Activities and Restaurants

The app uses journalists and filmmakers to create engaging audio adventures. Simply plug in a set of headphones and learn more about your favourite places, including San Francisco, London, Berlin, Paris, Marrakesh, Barcelona and more! Regardless of whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’re sure to learn something new and immersive; you can even sync the audio with your group and use GPS to get pointed in the right direction!

iOS – Free to Download

DogVacay – Planning

Something that’s not always your first thought when planning a holiday, DogVacay is a convenient little app, perfect for finding a sitter for your pup or cat near you. You can read reviews, propose a ‘Meet-n-Greet’ and even pay straight through the app too!

iOS and Android – Free to Download

Field Trip – Planning & Maps and Travelling & Activities and Restaurants

A product of Google, Field Trip gives you recommendations on what to eat, see and do based on your current location, interests and preferences. You’ll receive a notification as soon as you get close to something you may be interested in; whether that be local architecture or some cool history.

iOS and Android – Free to Download

Flush Toilet Finder – Tips, Tricks and Money Saving

Exactly what it says on the tin, Flush Toilet Finder means you’ll never find yourself wandering around a strange city desperate for a pee ever again. With a worldwide database of over 100,000 toilets, you can input your current location, and receive displays and directions to your nearest public toilet. It’ll also let you know whether they have a fee for usage, disabled access or require a key.

iOS and Android – Free to Download

Foodspotting – Activities and Restaurants

With a focus on providing a visual guide to your food, Foodspotting recommends you dishes using images and descriptions. With a search option, you can ask where to find the best kind of food you’re interested in, or what are the best dishes at particular restaurants. Over 4 million dishes have been ‘spotted’ around the world since its launch in 2010.

iOS, Android, Windows, Phone and Blackberry – Free to Download

GasBuddy – Planning & Tips, Tricks and Money Saving

If you’re planning a road-trip GasBuddy is an essential as it allows you to search for cheapest petrol prices near you, and report prices to other. Currently, the listings only exist in the USA and Canada, but keep a look out for a potential UK version, or may even be useful for road trips across the States!

iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry – Free to Download

GateGuru – Planning

GateGuru is the perfect guide to everything you need to know about your flight and the airport you’re flying out of. You’ll be kept updated on any flight delays or gate changes, as well as the airport amenities and restaurants available. An exclusive partnership with Avis means you can reserve a rental car straight through the app, too!

iOS and Android – Free to Download

Google Maps – Maps and Travelling

If you want THE directions app, this is the one. With maps in over 220 countries and territories, you can use your voice for GPS navigation; whether it be driving, cycling, walking, or even public transport. Google also tracks live traffic conditions and incident reports, and will reroute you if a quicker option is available. What if you know you’re going somewhere with limited internet? Simply save your maps for offline use.

iOS and Android – Free to Download

Google Translate – Tips, Tricks and Money Saving

Offering translations for over 90 different languages, Google Translate allows you to convert words or phrases with your voice keyboard – the newest version even lets you point your camera at a sign or text for instant translation! The new camera feature doesn’t even need an internet connection to translate, making it perfect for travelling the world with.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone – Free, $0.99 on Windows Phone

Hopper – Planning & Tips, Tricks and Money Saving

With a Price Prediction function that analyses millions of flight prices a day, Hopper cracks the code on the best time to book a flight. According to their statistics, they get 95% of users a better deal, saving them up to 40% on ticket prices! Perhaps the best feature, Price Monitoring allows you to pick a flight to watch, and will alert you on whether prices have dropped or are expecting to rise.

iOS – Free to Download

HopStop – Maps and Travelling 

Regardless of whether you’re taking a bus, subway, train, taxi, or even walking or cycling, HopStop gives detailed directions to navigate cities you may not be familiar with. With directions for over 600 cities around the world, you’ll even get the cost of transportation, allowing you to make a decision before having to commit!

iOS – Free to Download

Hotel Tonight – Accommodation and Flights

If spontaneous nights are your thing, then there’s an app for that. Hotel Tonight will allow you to book greatly discounted hotel rooms the day (or seven days before) you plan to go! It creates its own list of hotels, from basic to luxury, meaning you don’t have to scroll through thousands of options. There’s even a ‘Why We Like It’ section, so you can get to grips with each hotels USP.

iOS and Android – Free to Download

Jetlag Genie – Planning

Everyone knows the worst part about travelling is the jetlag. Jetlag Genie can make the transition easier by creating your own customised schedule using your flight information regular sleeping patterns. You’ll get tips on when to wake up and head to bed, when to be in the sun and when to go to a dark place, and even when you need to change the time on your watch!

iOS – $2.99

Kayak – Accommodation and Flights & Tips, Tricks and Money Saving

Sifting through hundreds of travel sites to find you the cheapest deals, Kayak is the place to book hotel rooms, rental cars, create an itinerary and even track your flights!

iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Kindle – Free to Download

Little Peanut On the Go – Planning


Going on holiday takes a lot of planning, let alone planning your children’s trip as well! However with this app, you can build kid-friendly packing/to-do lists so you never forget a thing! If you’re leaving your children in someone else’s care you have the ability to create family profiles; including emergency contacts, doctors, allergies, dentists and medical facilities. You can even schedule their naps, mealtimes and ballet classes!

iOS and Android – Free to Download

Noted Places – Planning & Tips, Tricks and Money Saving

Never lose that scrappy bit of paper again – Noted Places keeps track of everything you’ve experienced, along with what you still plan to do. You can break your plans into categories like ‘Eat’ ‘Stay’ and ‘Play’ and can even search for things recommended or liked by friends.

iOS – Free to Download

PackPoint Packing List Travel Companion – Planning & Tips, Tricks and Money Saving

Can’t decide whether to pack your sandals or hiking boots? This app looks at your length of travel, activities you’ll be taking part in and even weather conditions to create you your own customised list. It’ll tell you what types of clothes you need to pack, and even how many basics you’d need to take depending on your length of stay.

iOS and Android – Free

Rome2Rio – Accommodation and Flights & Maps and Travelling 

This app will let you pick any two points on the planet and will create an itinerary connecting the two. It will map out all important transit info you may need to get from A to B (flights, trains, busses, cars, boats, even local taxis) along with costings and duration. You’ll even be informed of nearby hotels in case you miss a connection.

iOS and Android – Free to Download

SeatGuru – Accommodation and Flights

With access to every seating chart for any flight out there, SeatGuru pulls up interactive seating maps for your flight after you enter your flight number and airline. You’ll also get insider information on the best seats available and it will even send you tips on the rows with the best legroom, seats closest to the bathroom and even which rows don’t recline!

iOS and Android – Free to Download

Skyscanner – Accommodation and Flights

Not just your normal flight comparison tool, this app lets you search for flights to ‘everywhere’. So if you’ve not picked your destination yet, this app is perfect to compare cheap deals to different places.

iOS, Android and Windows Phone – Free to Download

Stayful – Accommodation and Flights

If you love to bid on hotel rooms but hate staying in conventional hotel chains, then Stayful is for you. You can put in real-time bids on loads of hotel rooms across North America – but how is this different to any other app? Well, you can tailor what you’re searching for by entering your specific requirements; price, location, hotel style and even amenities.

iOS – Free to Download

Tipping Tips – Tips, Tricks and Money Saving

One of the biggest confusions when travelling can be the simplest of things; how much do you tip? In America tipping is pretty much mandatory, whereas places like China will chase you down the street to give you your 20% back! Tipping Tips allows you to tip like a local wherever you go, with a tipping guide and calculator for over 108 countries after extensive research and surveys. You can even use the app to split your checks when dining with up to 8 people!

iOS – $0.99 to Download

TravelSafe – Tips, Tricks and Money Saving

Calling itself the ‘Swiss Army Knife for your phone’, TravelSafe provides local emergency numbers (police, fire and medical) and will let you contact your embassy without needing internet access. The app you NEED on your phone when travelling abroad.

iOS and Android – $0.99 to Download

TripAdvisor – Accommodation and Flights & Activities and Restaurants

Whether you’re trying to find reviews of local tourist attractions or simply trying to book a hotel, TripAdvisor allows you to do it all. Although the app has pretty much the same features as the website, it’s more convenient to use the app, especially when on the go.

iOS, Android and Windows Phone – Free to Download

TripIt – Planning & Accommodation and Flights & Maps and Travelling & Activities and Restaurants & Tips, Tricks and Money Saving

The only app on our list that literally ticks all the boxes, TripIt creates a travel itinerary without you having to barely lift a finger. Simply forward all your confirmation emails to the app (hotel, flights, restaurants, car rentals, activities) and TripIt will change these into a perfect itinerary, conveniently located all in one place.

iOS, Android and Windows Phone – Free to Download

Uber – Maps and Travelling 

The Uber app allows you to request a ride by inputting your pickup location, eliminating any miscommunication you may encounter in foreign countries. You can see how far away your driver is, and even how long it will take! Payments are made through the app and you’ll receive an email of your receipt.

iOS, Apple Watch, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android – Free to Download

WiFi Finder – Tips, Tricks and Money Saving

One of the biggest worries when travelling abroad can be coming home to find you’ve racked up pretty hefty phone bill – one of the biggest culprits can be data charges. WiFi Finder is active in over 640,000 locations to discover spots where you can use both paid and free WiFi. You can even filter by type of location like restaurants, cafes and even hotels.

iOS and Android – Free to Download

So, there we have it; as promised, 31 perfect apps to make travelling around the world a bit simpler! Whether you need help packing your kids suitcases, finding the best WiFi in Sicily or even getting extra legroom on your 18 hour flight, we hope this list makes your summer holidays easier!

Pictures and research courtesy of Tech Insider