Popular electronics company LG have revealed a massive leap forward in tech industry.

Named as a “remarkable innovation-in-progress” (Dave Lee, BBC) LG first announced their flexible screen at an event in Korea in August, where they announced that the 18 inch screen can be rolled and scrunched with no damage to the screen or technology.

Although LG have currently only released an 18 inch screen, the team at LG say they’re hoping to produce screens at least 55in and larger, with 4K definition.

Currently the resolution is 1200 by 800 pixels, with the screen being only 0.97mm thick and weighing only 1.9kg.

Although LG will (obviously) not release the exact details as to how they produced this, they did reveal that this amazing technological leap was down to moving from LED TVs to OLED TVs.

OLED, or organic light emitting diode, means that the back panal that provides light to the screen can be removed, allowing the screen to be far more malleable.

LG state that the benefits of this new technology means that it’s perfect for making displays in stores, and even for people in the home who don’t want to give up a whole section of a room for a TV; the screen can be rolled up and put away into storage.

Although this sounds amazing, and you’re probably wondering when you can grab one, KJ Kim, LG’s vice president of it’s marketing division admits that “The larger prototype is expected in the near future. But as for a commercial product, we’re still planning the timing,”.

Which basically means we’ll be waiting a little while until we can roll up our tv and stick it in our cupboard.