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Data protection laws throughout Europe are receiving an overhaul in May; the likes of which haven’t been seen for two decades.

The regulation is the new framework for data protection across the whole of Europe. According to the governing bodies behind it, the GDPR has been designed to harmonise data privacy laws and protect the rights of individuals. Take 2 minutes and see for yourself: our GDPR video spills out everything you need to know...

What does this mean for your business?

All organisations that collect data  (even just a name and number)  will have to comply with the GDPR. There are more hefty requirements for businesses employing 250 staff or more, but all organisations that collect any kind of personal data are going to be affected.

You will also have an obligation to erase the data of any individual who exercises their “right to be forgotten”. At any time, your customers can withdraw their consent to your storing or using their personal data and insist that you delete it.

It's not just B2Cs that need to worry, either...

Any company with employees located in the EU is obligated to comply. You might not collect customer data, but you’ll still have information about partners and employees, and that information must all be stored in line with the requirements outlined.

Voluntary groups, member clubs and charities are also going to be affected by the GDPR.

So, what are business owners meant to do?

The full GDPR paper contains 99 articles which all set out the rights of individuals and the obligations of organisations.  Like any piece of European legislation, it’s big and complicated and has a lot of pain if you get it wrong.


The fines are large. But worse, your business can be publically named and shamed. That’s the kind of "reputational hangover" that could sit on Google for years. A lot of GDPR is about getting your data security right. We’ve written a general guide to the regulations, with a focus on how to protect your valuable data. Fill in your details here to get your free guide emailed to you – instantly.

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