Is your business secure?

Learn how to secure your business

Cybercrime is the number 1 threat to  business nowadays

In 2017 Hackers stole £130 Billion! and £4.6 Billion came from British victims.

It seems you can't turn on the TV without hearing about another hacking incident or a phishing scam.

Don't get me wrong the internet is a fantastic tool and is brilliant for communication and has become the backbone of all businesses.

How easy it is to be affected:

Your business is at risk right now. Hackers are targeting all businesses in Wiltshire, all day every day

Hackers look for any weakness they can exploit to get in and do damage, steal your money or even worse your client's money.

Most businesses are a lot more hackable than they realise. And the consequences are huge...

If you are hit with something like Cryptolocker, you can get locked out of your devices and data for days. It takes a lot of time, effort and often cash to get back to business as normal.

How do we know this?

As a local IT security company, we see the devastating effects of hacking. Every. Single. Day. 

It's happening to business owners and managers just like you. 

Let's take a look at the stats*:

*conducted by the digital culture, media and sport committee


Over four in ten of all UK businesses suffered at least one cyber breach in 2017.



Over half of small businesses have been targeted.

81% of attacks are due to employee negligence and poor password management.


The average number of records stolen per attack has risen from just over 5,000 to 9,350 - an increase of 87%.


The average cost of a data breach comes in at just over £1.2m.

"Nobody could ever guess my password."

If only this were the case. To the seasoned cyber-criminal, passwords are surprisingly easy to figure out.


We all know what a pain it is to have thousands of different passwords using upper and lower cases and funny symbols, so this is where a lot of people cut corners. The vast majority of users choose passwords that mean something to them, like a name or important date, and they use them over and over again. Fido never knew he would be immortalised in password form.


If you use the same password for multiple accounts, you might as well not have one in the

first place.

"I'm safe from viruses because I only open emails from people I know."

Aaaah, but cyber attackers are much cleverer than that. They’re able to create incredibly realistic looking email accounts that can fool even the most eagle-eyed administrator into opening a dodgy attachment. They replicate email addresses that almost identical to the real thing, even down to the signature and phone number. At five minutes to home time on a Friday afternoon, would you be on the ball enough to notice?  Don’t count on it.

"Cybersecurity is an expense I can't afford."

Fair enough, when you’re running a business you want to keep costs down. But the fact is, you stand to lose a lot more money if you take chances with your cyber security than if you get the cover your business needs.


When you consider the fact that non-compliance with the new GDPR can mean multi-million-pound fines (and carries a thorough risk to your business’s reputation), spending a bit of money on protecting your data is actually the smart thing to do. IT security is an investment, not an unnecessary expense.

But the scariest fact is this...

87% of small businesses still think they won't be targetted by cyber attackers

We are here to help

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