AVG Online Backup

We all know how important it is to keep information backed up but with time under constant pressure, few remember to do so regularly.


AVG Online Backup helps protect your customers' data with a secure, automated backup process that is quick to deploy, easy to manage and delivers a range of options including how often the backup takes place and what data to capture.


Fully Managed

AVG Online Backup's full integration with the AVG CloudCare portal enables us to pro-actively manage your storage needs.

The system keeps us informed about the backup status of your devices and allows us to perform corrective actions start as restarts or data restores


Pay As You Go

As with all AVG CloudCare services, you only pay for what you use. AVG Online Backup is charged based on the amount of storage you use.

With no hidden fees, you receive a service that is cost effective and simple.


Protect Your Data

It's crucial that you know your data is secure. 

With AVG Online Backup, data is protected both in-transit and at rest using three-tier encryption. 
Giving you peace of mind that your data won't be compromised.


Restore and Backup Anytime

Set a schedule to back up data whenever a device is connected to the internet.

Should the worst happen, your data can be restored on-demand ensuring any data-loss is minimal.


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